AmiWest 2009 adds Amiga Game Competition to Show

Date 9-Sep-2009 6:39:25
Topic: Events

The SACC group responsible for organizing the AmiWest 2009 show has graciously approved the addition of an Amiga Game Competition to the show's events and festivities this year.

The Amiga Game Competition will consist of 5 different Amiga games to be played on 5 different types of Amiga computers. The planning is not set in stone yet, but it looks like it will have one game running on a Classic Amiga, another game running on a SAM440ep w/AmigaOS4.1, another game running on an Efika w/MorphOS2.3, another game running on either a MiniMig v1.1, or on a C-One computer running a MiniMig core via it's add-on FPGA board, and the fifth game running on a PC using emulation such as AmigaForever, or AmiKit/WinUAE.

Suggestions for which games should be used on the above listed hardware should be sent to but each of the games chosen must have a numerical score given as the result of playing the game, as all scores for each of the 5 games will be totaled to determine the final winners (or finalists, see below). Prizes will be awarded to at least the top three scorers in the competition, as well as one prize raffled to a random person just for participating in the contest.

Pre-registering to participate is encouraged, so we will have some idea of how many contestants we might have and therefore can estimate the time needed to complete. The entry fee to participate is $2, but no money will be accepted before the AmiWest 2009 show begins. The registration fees collected will be used solely to offset the cost of obtaining the prizes, and if there is any excess money, it will be given back to the first place finisher in the contest as well as the first place prize.

If time permits, and the SACC organizers agree, the top three scorers after the 5 games have been completed, will play a sixth game head to head against each other, with the display shown on a projector screen for everyone to see easier, and if possible, we will try to stream this feed to the Internet as well. The placement for First, Second and Third places, to determine which prizes are awarded to whom, would be based on this sixth game without regard for the scores of the first 5 games and I already have a game in mind for this final head to head to head game, but will not be disclosing that information to anyone before the competition begins. I don't want anyone to be able to practice more than someone who may not own the games that are to be used in the competition.

So, what do you think? Please post your suggestions for which games should be used in the competition here, or send them to my email address. To pre-register so I can have an idea how many people will be there to participate in the competition, please send me an email to with AmiWest game contest as the subject.

I hope you all like this idea and if it will get even one more person to attend AmiWest 2009 that was not planning on coming, or was not sure about attending, then I have succeeded in my goal to add value, entertainment and additional attendees to the AmiWest show.

See you all at the show. It is going to be a great time for all!

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