DigiBooster Pro Status Report

Date 20-Sep-2009 8:47:35
Topic: Software News

DigiBooster 3 development has been resumed after holidays break. While it has been demonstrated that program skeleton is working on both MorphOS and AmigaOS 4, and player engine, the heart of any music tracker, was mature enough to release it inside DigiRoller, there are still substantial features missing.

The first one of them just implemented is instrument loading.

DigiBooster 3 supports common AIFF and WAVE PCM formats, as well as legacy 8SVX/16SV ones. What is important - no more sample size limit.

Samples are only limited by memory available. Another important thing is reading sampling rate from the file. No more handtuning of samples taken at 44,1 kHz (or any other frequency, DigiBooster 3 supports audio up to 192 kHz). Just sample C-3 note from your instrument then play it as C-3 in DigiBooster. It is worth noting that sample loading window is not a plain filerequester.

It displays basic sample information on single click and features automatic playback, so browsing large samples collections becomes more comfortable. It also displays comments contained in audio files. Stereo files may be loaded as well (all supported formats), user's choices of stereo handling are loading single channel (left or right) or mix down both channels to mono.


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