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Date 20-Sep-2009 23:30:05
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Hello Amigans!

Less than a week is left before this year edition of Pianeta Amiga.

It's time for an official update!

Confirmed exhibitors so far:

- ACube Systems Srl
- AmigaKit
- Virtual Works
- Soft3
- Bitplane Magazine (italian Amiga Magazine)
- Amiga Future (english and german Amiga Magazine)
- Cluster UK Ltd., creators of iMica Systems
- Icaros, the new incarnation of AROS presented by Paolo Besser
- OS4Games, Italian Amiga Games Portal

At the show you'll have the chance to see and try:

- Minimig 4MB
- Latest AmigaOS 4.1 beta
- Icaros Desktop
- Digibooster 3 Pro for AmigaOS 4.1
- Desert Racing of Bardos, a videogame for AmigaOS 4.1
- Latest MorphOS version
- Bitplane Magazine with it's latest issue
- Amiga Future, with it's latest issue
- Working preview of Blender for AmigaOS 4.1
- Talk with some AmigaOS4.1 betatesters and developers

and more...
Andrea AFX Palmatè will attend also this year edition showing some of his latest and yet unreleased software and trying to do some ports directly at the show.

and, most important of all, you'll have the chance to meet developers, users and many people of the Amiga Scene.

You can't miss this opportunity!

Empoli, Italy (near Florence), 26th of September. Doors will open at 9.00 am.

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