Project: TIMBERWOLF - Bounty for already in progress AmigaOS 4.1 port of Firefox

Date 29-Sep-2009 16:57:02
Topic: Announcement

Project Timberwolf

Finally the port of one of the most wanted software for
AmigaOS 4.1 has been tackled! The well known AmigaOS developers
Hans-Joerg Frieden and Thomas Frieden work already since
quite some time on a fully AmigaOS native port of Mozillas'
Firefox webbrowser!

Because of the unrealistic terms and conditions of the AmiZilla
bounty, it was decided to start a new bounty only for AmigaOS 4.1
and beyond. Thus this bounty is in no way related to AmiZilla.

Timberwolf is the project name of the AmigaOS port of the Firefox web
browser (for legal reasons it cannot be called Firefox). Firefox is an
award-winning open source web browser and is the de-facto-standard
browser across a wide variety of operating system, taking second place
in popularity after Microsoft' s Internet Explorer. Its features include
tabbed browsing, support for HTML 5, ECMAScript 3.1, and CSS 3,
extensibility through addons, and a lot more. In short, Firefox is the
most complete open source browser to date.

Read all about it on Project: TIMBERWOLF

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