Pyromania Going, going gone Sale!

Date 4-Oct-2009 17:54:09
Topic: Software News

We have very limited availability of the Amiga version of Pyromania so are making it available for the unheard of price of $18.95 including shipping via Paypal only. This award winning Amiga and Video Toaster Flyer package has been see all over television on shows like Blind Date and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Get yours before they are all gone forever.


If your interested contact us via the link below and put Amiga Video Toaster Fire Offer in you message to us. We will then generate an invoice and e-mail it to you.


About Pyromania

VCE and Bill P Announce Amiga Version of Pyromania. VCE, leading Hollywood visual effects company for 20 years & Bill P developer bringing many popular PC & Mac applications to the Amiga is proud to release PYROMANIA Amiga & Video Toaster 4000 version.

PYROMANIA gives your productions all the firepower of the top gun visual effects companies.

PYROMANIA contains over 30 Explosive Visual Effects Sequences including explosions, fire, smoke, Zero-G explosions and depth shockewaves. Individual files in sequence are provided for maximum usage in a variety of programs such as ImageFX, Photogenics or Toasterpaint. All files are photographed in 35mm motion picture film, scanned at 2k resolution and down sampled to full overscan video resolution. In addition, the Amiga/Toaster version includes Sequences in native FlyerClip format and Real-time Color Toaster Effects/Wipes. Toaster Effects may be used Real-time in your project and FlyerClips can be used for advanced compositing in Lightwave 3D & Toasterpaint.

Any Amiga with painting or compositing software required. For example Photogenics, ImageFX, Personal Paint, TV Paint or Deluxe Paint V. Video Toaster 4000 with A4000 or higher spec Amiga required for Real-time Effects. Video Toaster Flyer, Aura or Lightwave 5.5+ required for FlyerClips. Also works with Amiga Forever, WinUAE, E-UAE, Amiga OS 4.x & MorphOS.

About DiscreetFX

DiscreetFX has been creating software products for the Amiga, video editing & computer generated graphics (CGI) industry since 1995. The Amiga computer defined and created the video editing, computer graphics market with its birth in 1985. DiscreetFX creates Real-time transitions and effects seen on over 100 television programs including Blind Date, 5th Wheel, Shipmates and more! You can also see DiscreetFX software used on the following networks HBO, Showtime, Discovery Channel, PBS, Fox and many more!

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