BOUNTY: AMP package for AmigaOS4.1 (Apache, MySQL and PHP).

Date 6-Oct-2009 21:08:31
Topic: Announcement

This bounty consists of two phases both assigned to AmiCygnix developer Edgar Schwan.

First bounty covers phase one and will bring an up-to-date Apache, MySQL and PHP to AmigaOS4.1 via AmiCygnix.
The package will contain a minimal AmiCygnix installation, so you won't need to install the large AmiCygnix base package.
A bounty of minimum EUR 500 must be reached for Edgar to port these applications.


When phase one is complete, we will open a bounty for phase two. Phase two consists of a fully native port of Apache, MySQL and PHP utilising whatever the current version of AmigaOS4.x has to offer. A bounty of EUR 300 must be reached to get the fully native port.

Read a more in-depth description here:
AMP package project page

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