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Date 10-Oct-2009 11:32:11
Topic: Software News

Bassano del Grappa, 10-Oct-2009
ACube Systems Srl and EDITEL Snc are pleased to announce that the well known AmigaOS 4 game "BOH" is now part of the Sam440 Software bundle.

Every customer who will buy a new Sam440 (both EP and Flex) will have the opportunity to buy a boxed copy of this new innovative game at the price of 12,00 EUR (+ local taxes). This offer is extended to existing customers who will provide their serial number as a proof of purchase.

Furthermore ACube Systems will become the distributor for the Amiga market of the regular version of "BOH" which will be sold at the price of 12,50 EUR (+ local taxes).

Website of the game BOH
Website of ACube Systems

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