TryTerra Computers - Attending & Presenting at AmiWest

Date 11-Oct-2009 8:52:22
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Dear Amiga Community,
AmiWest 2009, the banquet will be Saturday evening October 17th, cost $29.00 (Requires pre Reservations ) There will be some pre show activities Friday the 16th, with the show on the 17th and Sunday the 18th. AmigaDave wants to know the interest in a game contest on Sunday click here for more information. We have set up a blog -"" for the AmiWest news.

TryTerra Computers - Will be Attending & Presenting at AmiWest.
Thanks to Chuck Washburn, for organizing a Table, Name Tag & Company Name Banner for us.

The good news is that this year there will more show exhibitors, more announcements, more banquet members and God willing even more show visitors & participants.

Of course there will be more hardware and software than in recent years, on display and fully accessible to all that attend live.

These will also be viewable and audible by all those that tune into the video and audio streams.

Official Acube System Resellers List

In the early 1980s Jay Miner, along with many other staffers, had dared to imagine a computer architect ed so well that it would surpass all mini-computer designs for many many years.

In September 1982, they set up a chip-set project. The new initiative became a real company in Santa Clara, California, by the name of Hi-Toro (which meant "high bull" to them, this later became Amiga - meaning "Friend / Girl Friend").

Some of the most creative and freelance designers started to create a new 68000-based hybrid computer / games console, code named Lorraine. The startup funding for this upgradeable computer was initially provided by three dentists in Florida.

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