The AmiUpdate SDK 3rd Party Database is Back!

Date 13-Oct-2009 17:23:06
Topic: News

After a long offline time the SDK database is finally BACK.
One HD in the old RAID1 setup failed and the tries to swap out the faulty drive and rebuild the RAID failed. It's hard times in Spot's life, and I couldn't afford new drives at this time, that's when Varthall stepped up, and unselfishly paid for one of the new drives as he liked the service they offered.
After that I managed saved up for the remaining one, and here you go the service is back!


People have written to me and asked questions on how to install libraries into the SDK, and wondered what happened to the SDK database, here's the answer, and installing libraries have never been easier.

To enable the SDK database in AmiUpdate you need to append the SERVER tooltype:

A typical tooltype looks something like this:|

I hope this will make budding and experienced developers life easier, have fun!


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