Watch Amiga Roundtable #43 LIVE!

Date 18-Oct-2009 2:46:20
Topic: Announcement

Yes, you read the title right! You can WATCH us record Amiga Roundtable live. This is a beta thing, so by no means does this mean it's going to be 100%


Also some people will be excluded from watching as this is being sent via flash since we have no way in place to rebroadcast it via Shoutcast. But the video will be available later in Quicktime as well as uploaded to Youtube and Ustream. If anyone is willing to convert it to another format, let me know and I will happily get you a copy as soon as the show is done so you can re-encode it. Audio will also be made available soon after.

If all goes well, we'll be talking to AmigaDave at AmiWest 2009 in Sacramento about the goings on there as also the Hyperion/Amiga settlement that was just announced. There is a chat room on UStream that you can join if you want to get into chat.

Where can you watch? Here:

When? We'll start video at 9:30am EST (1400 GMT), and the show itself sometime after 10am.

Thanks to everyone in advance that will show up!

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