Fun Time World - New online Shop reopen and lottery

Date 22-May-2003 18:38:17
Topic: Announcement

Fun Time World - New Online Shop reopen and we have a software lottery for you!!

Welcome to our new Amiga Online Shop!

We are a German distributer and we released Games like "PuzzleBOBS" from Nexus Development and "Aqua" from Emerald Imaging.

We distribute The Movie Player "FroggerNG" and new, the Amiga Magazine "Total Amiga" in Germany!

Our current release is the "Amiga Arena - Games Edition 2002", a collection of Classic commercially Amiga Games.

So whats new?

Our Shop supports all Amiga Browser and four languages. (German,English,Italian,Polish)


Yes, you can win some cool Amiga Software!

All you must do is,write us a mail till 20.06.2003 and the write us,how you like our new Shop!

You can win:

1 * Amiga Forever version 4.0
1 * Aminet 40 with TurboCalc 4.0
2 * Easys
1 * Simon the Sorcerer II
2 * Aqua
3 * PuzzleBOBS
1 * AmigaWriter 2.0
2 * Amiga Arena - Games Edition

Fun Time World:

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