MorphOS: Keymap Switcher Keymap.sbar 20.6

Date 21-Oct-2009 18:58:55
Topic: Software News

Keymap.sbar for MorphOS 2 is a plugin for the screen titlebar and allows comfortable switching between multiple keymaps without having to open MorphOS' System Preferences each time.


Keymap.sbar supports all MorphOS and legacy (AmigaOS 3.1) keymaps and has a plethora of nifty features like selection filter, hotkeys, "Keystroke" quick launching function and extensive Locale support with translations in German, Polish and Russian.



Following a brief list of all changes since the last publically released version 20.5.

o Added Polish translation by Marcin Kornas
o Fixed legacy name of Italian keymap
o Added russian documentation by Andrei Shestakov
o Added russian translation by Andrei Shestakov
o Added an preferences list image
o Improved and updated installation script


The Keymap.sbar archive can be downloaded from here.

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