Amiga-based software presented at Nordental 2009

Date 25-Oct-2009 21:50:26
Topic: Software News

Nordental is the largest convention about dentistry in Norway, with about 4000 professional visitors from both private and public healthcare. Ferrule Media was present demonstrating their series of products – Dental Kanal and Dental Info.

Dental Kanal is an informationchannel about dentistry hosted by a Sam 440EP 667mhz running os4.1. The software is developed using the amazing Hollywood/Designer-software. With the help of Andreas Falkenhahn of Airsoft Softwair we have been able to produce a commercial infochannel running smoothly even on a low-specced SAM. This is possible by using hardware accelerated crossfade-effects.


Dental Info v.3.5 is a program that helps the dentist in the process of informing patients about treatment. Dental Info has been developed using Hollywood / Designer (OS4.1) and compiled to support Windows-hosted machines.

Both products gathered a lot of interest from the visitors – we have added a few photos from the fair showing the Ferrule Media-crew and the computer-setup.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5

Ferrule Media would like to use this opportunity to thank for the support from both Hyperion Entertainment CVBA and Acube Systems SRL!

Most importantly we would like to thank Andreas Falkenhahn of Airsoft Softwair. Without his talent and amazing support it would not have been possible to develop Dental Kanal and Dental Info. His software is by far the most impressive tools I have ever used on Amigas.

Best regards

Torgeir Vee
Ferrule Media

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