Amitopia TV Needs You!

Date 27-Oct-2009 21:09:34
Topic: Announcement

Some claim that Amitopia TV is too blue. To that claim I want to send this announcement to you Out There! If you are a AmigaOS 4.x user and want to see red coloured content on the show you have to send them to Amitopia TV's e-mail address Today! The same goes to all of you AROS people out there!


I own an Efika and Pegasos II on which I have MorphOS. So my productions is mainly focused on AmigaOS and MorphOS content. I also own an Amiga 1200 which I tend to use for future Amitopia TV productions. But I have no SAM440ep, AmigaONE, nor AROS box, etc...

So! Conclusion to this! Please Contribute if you have ANY content that you feel should be shared with the Amigaworld. It's Free, without costs... E-mail have space+++

Mail your content to Amitopia TV:

Video: DivX, XVID, MP4 etc..
Music: MOD, MP3, OGG etc..
Pictures: PNG, JPG and IFF etc..

Amitopia TV - "Amiga Entertainment 4 Everyone!"

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