WookieChat: v2.12 beta 10 released

Date 4-Nov-2009 2:49:52
Topic: Software News

WookieChat: v2.12 beta 10 released

Released for AROS/MOS/OS3/OS4



BETA 10 Changes:
- Hopefully fixed corruption in peoples nicks when they first message you
- Made the usermode status in front of nicks an option, See Main Settings > GUI.

BETA 9 Changes:
- ARexx events. Scripts can be used to display pop-ups with the OS4.1.1
notification system (when its released to the mortals).
- Mode changes were broken at some point and weren't being displayed. Fixed
- Server selection list looks a little better. No longer has a "Servers"
tree at the very top which all the groups and servers are inside.
- The user mode status is displayed in front of a persons name now when they
type a message. If they're opted, then instead of "[jahc] hi", it becomes
"[@jahc] hi". The help bubble on the nick list shows you the key for the
different user modes.

Make sure the local char-set in the server selection window is your
computers char-set. US-ASCII Or ISO-8859-1 or similar. And the
server char-set should be UTF8, so you can view normal text and UTF8.

On going thread here.

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