NoWinED 0.81 out

Date 6-Nov-2009 22:07:59
Topic: Software News

Hi guys, this is mainly a bugfix release, I suggest you to update your NoWinED installation with this one :)

As usual, read changelog for changes


NoWinED is a MUI-based TextEditor that can handle more files simultaneously,
using different "pages" for each file. The fact that it is impossible to find
a MUI TextEditor on Amiga powerfull enough to be used instead of
Notepad/Editpad and other editors does not have a reason. Moreover, switching
from one AmigaOS flavour to the other it is not always possible to use the
same editor due to incompatibilities. NoWinED has born to be a portable MUI
program, and in fact it exists for every Amiga flavour (OS3.9, OS4, MorphOS,

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