AmiZed Studio Store Now Open. (Kind Of..)

Date 11-Nov-2009 13:29:41
Topic: Announcement

I have recently found more copies of the DVD I produced for AmiWest 2007! The DVD, titled The Roundtable: Special Ed was produced specifically for AmiWest and was offered for sale at our booth as well as won by a few lucky folks at the show! I was only able to bring a few with me due to airline restrictions and just never got around to posting this for sale here on the website.

Well, now I'm selling what I have available and will make a few more copies for anyone interested in getting it.

Here's what's on the DVD:

* Episodes 1-4
* Raw, Uncensored Audio from 1,2 & 4 (I can't seem to find raw audio from Ep. 3)
* The Carrier Whistle Episodes 00-3 (00 was never released to the public at large.)
* A Picture slide show
* And a special bonus track. (Rated D for "Dumb")

The cost is $8 plus $3 shipping in the U.S. Outside the United States, please contact me with your shipping info for shipping price. I have 6 available right now and am willing to make more if there is interest.

Plus I would love to hear from the folks that got one at AmiWest 2007, and how they liked it.

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