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Date 12-Nov-2009 2:20:00
Topic: Announcement

Chicago, Illinois November 09th, 2009

For Immediate Release

Amiga Seeding the Success Campaign from DiscreetFX

This months Seeding the Success Campaign is going to be a little different. The winner will be a Mac OS X coder/coders that brings out a better version of UAE for Mac OS X. We like to call this version UAE-OSX Ultimate. Toni has done a fantastic job of upgrading the Windows version of UAE. Sadly he has no interest in a MacOS X port and the old maintainer of that port stopped updating it a few years ago.

Sure Mac OS X users can run Boot Camp, Fusion or Parallels and use WinUAE or Amiga Forever 2009 but that's not as fun as a OS X native version of UAE.

In an age when Windows is going out of fashion, DiscreetFX has always strongly believed in a OS X version based on the current sources of WinUAE. More ways to run AmigaOS will benefit users and developers. DiscreetFX believes in doing what it can to help make modern Amiga & Amiga like systems successful. Donate to the bounty via the link below if you want a better UAE for Mac OS X.

UAE-OSX Ultimate

Best regards

- DiscreetFX Team

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