Origyn Web Browser v3.19 released for AmigaOS4

Date 12-Nov-2009 22:01:35
Topic: Software News

OWB (Origyn Web Browser) v3.19 is released and now up on OS4 Depot:


About :
AmigaOS 4.x port of OWB Pukapuka ( http://www.sand-labs.org/owb/ ) with
AmigaOS GUI inc. tool bar, scroll bars, progress bar, status bar and
menus, AmigaOS fonts implementation, support for multiple windows or
tabs, clipboard support, an ARexx port, AmigaOS mouse pointers, internal
bookmark, an option for using an external bookmark tool, context menus,
javascript requesters, uploads, downloads and http authentication added.

- AmigaOS 4.0 or newer, for some features (progress bar, tabs, ...)
AmigaOS 4.1 is required.
- expat.library from: http://os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=development/library/misc/expat.lha

Optional addons:
- Bitstream Cyberbit (Cyberbit.ZIP, unpack it and install it with
TypeManager) as unicode fallback font, if you don't have another
(nearly) complete font installed already:
- AISS from http://masonicons.info/aiss/ for different toolbar images.
- Extended default mouse pointer types:

3.19 (8.11.2009)
- Changed the default mime type for local files to text/plain, now any text files, not just the ones ending in .text or .txt, can be displayed.
- Updated to SVN revision 1110.
- Fixed more cookie bugs (#268, #278, #283, #295).
- Fixed a redraw problem if the "Gadget redraw method" is set to "With clear" in GUI prefs Options (#291).

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