Special subscription: 6 AMIGAplus, 3 A+ CDs and fxPAINT 1 full version

Date 23-May-2003 22:43:38
Topic: Announcement

For a short period and in a limited amount falkemedia and IOSPIRIT are offering a special subscription of the German paper magazin AMIGAplus for just 39,- Euro which includes:

* 6 issues of AMIGAplus
* 3 A+ cover-CD-ROMs
* and the full, upgradable version 1 of the professional graphics editor fxPAINT 1

Taking this offer you may for example receive the complete Draco video workshop being published in six issues beginning in A+ 03/2003. That is 36 pages of high-professional video knowledge. And beside that you may create astonishing graphical artwork for your video production with fxPAINT.

Orders may be sent in on the website of AMIGAplus.

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