It's a Knockout! 2009/10

Date 15-Nov-2009 16:34:54
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It's a Knockout!

It's a Knockout! is a classic Amiga knockout tournament run by the forum members of Lemon Amiga and English Amiga Board. Returning after its popular debut last year as a sister competition to the year long Lemon vs EAB Super League. Five games will be played over six weeks. See how far you can get.

Voting for the comp Starts now (November 15th) and will remain open until Saturday, November 29th. Once voting is closed competition will begin!! Voting: Lemon - Eab

The first round of competition will be a qualifying round. The following rounds will be run in a round-robin format until only 2 competitors remain! The final two will battle it out to be the "It's a Knockout! 2009/10" Champion.

More rules and general overview

Voting will be limited to games played during the 2009 Lemon vs EAB super comp.

which are...
- Super Cars II
- Warzone
- Wizkid
- Slam Tilt
- All Terrain Racing
- Mean Arenas
- Rainbow Islands
- Parasol Stars
- Megaball 4
- Roadkill
- Rodland
- Deluxe Galaga
- Super Obliteration
- Arcade Pool
- Superfrog

How do I take part?
Easy. Firstly get yourself either a real Amiga or an emulator like WinUAE or E-UAE. The current round thread will tell you which game to play, give links to where it's available, link to manuals (if they are online), and tell you any extra rules for that game. To enter take a screenshot of your highscore (or a photo of your tv/monitor screen if you're using a real Amiga) and post it in the game thread. You can use free image hosting sites like Imageshack or Photobucket to post your scores.

All competitors must be a member at either Lemon or EAB, so if you're not already, it's time to join!

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