ffmpegGUI v2.2 Released - make videos from picture & audio

Date 16-Nov-2009 5:25:35
Topic: Software News

ffmpegGUI v2.2 - a GUI front end for the OS4 compile of the ffmpeg program. Get it at OS4Depot!

Version 2.2 now allows additional options to be specified before and after input and output files. This makes almost all capabilities of ffmpeg accessable from the GUI. Also included is a new quick setup which takes advantage of this new feature to allow creating a video from a single picture with audio. Additional settings choices have been added and some usability improvement were made.

See below for a full list of changes.

Version 2.2 (Release Version)
Added ability to specify additional options before/after input and output files.
(Almost everything from the command line should be doable from the GUI.)
Modified "Additional options" string gadgets to no longer require a return for entry.
Added ability to type paths/filenames directly into File I/O string gadgets.
Added menu item to output ffmpeg command in console for cut and paste.
Added quick setup selection for converting a picture plus audio to an mp4 video.
Added a quick setup file for creating an mp4 video of still picture with audio.
(It's in the "Video" directory.)
Added .mkv (video) and .mka (audio) file formats.
Added 667k video bitrate and 20fps frame rate for support of Sansa Fuze.
Added video Size of 224 x 176 for support of Sansa Fuze.
Fixed bug were invalid lines or empty lines in settings file causes a crash.
Fixed bug in run_cmd function which could cause crash in rare cases.
Quick setups no longer have hidden commands.
Moved PSP and iPod setup files into a new "Devices" directory in Settings directory.

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