New ArosPC - AresOne ; and Cinnamon Writer for AROS

Date 19-Nov-2009 13:27:23
Topic: Announcement

In the context of the forthcoming publication of the second Aros PC called AresOne (first was the Imica) the author of the text processing application Cinnamon Writer could be animated to try a Aros port. In addition FryingPan will be shortly revised. Momentarily still further developers are looked for, which wants to port their Free or Shareware to AROS. The programs/games are combined into a Compilation named A-live. There is desired also pure Amiga OS applications. A-live will be attached to each sold AROS computer and is to be published also separately as CD-ROM and Downloadversion.


Proceeds are divided among developers involved and shall appreciate their active work (even if it concerns Freeware) for the Amiga/Aros-community.

At least 25% of the profit goes back to general AROS-developement (hosting, bounties). Another part goes in Ares related Aros-Projects.

Main difference between the AresOne and the Imica is the form-factor and expandability. For each taste somewhat thereby.

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