New Uboot for Sam440ep and Sam440ep-flex

Date 27-Nov-2009 20:26:28
Topic: Hardware News

Bassano del Grappa, 27 Nov 2009

ACube Systems is pleased to announce the release of a new version of U-Boot firmware for its line of motherboards Sam440ep and Sam440ep-flex.
This version addresses a number of problems and add some features and optimizations making it possible to cut down boot time by 3-12 seconds depending on the configuration of the board.

What's new in this version (for both versions):

* faster graphic card initialization, now it takes half the time than previous U-Boot version
* unified the first two countdowns, for an even faster boot
* solved compatibility issues with some Radeon 9200 and 9250 gfx cards
* reworked preference menu

Sam440ep miniITX version:

* a Radeon HD 2400 graphic card could be now used as secondary gfx card

Sam440ep-flex version:

* added support for Silicon Motion 502 graphic card
* added sperimental support for Catweasel MK4 controller
* a Radeon HD 2400 graphic card could be now used in both 33 and 66 Mhz PCI slots

Additional information:

Please note: UBoot and UBoot updater makes use of GPL code and thus are both published under GPL

. The sources can be downloaded from:


or, using a direct link, from:


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