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Date 28-Nov-2009 6:29:47
Topic: Software News

Version 2.5 add ability to start in any download mode via a new START_MODE ToolType or -m command line option. Also allows saving then playing videos in "Play with MPlayer" mode by setting "Keep Viewed File" menu item. Additional changes include support for ".asx" playlists and two new video sites with latest "getvideo".
See below for details.

A small OS4 utility which uses 'wget' to download webpages and files pointed to by HTTP: and FTP: protocal URL's that reside in the clipboard. Additionally it can play/view or save direct link graphics, audio, video and postscript (PDF etc.) files as well as files on sites such as YouTube and Myspace. Playback and viewing requires "AmiGS", "Multiview" and optionally "getvideo" and "Mplayer (read docs about version required)".

Version 2.5 (released)
Added tooltypes/options to start in any download mode.
Changed "Play with MPlayer" to downlaod then play if "Keep Viewed File"
is selected. Will show file requester if "Ask Save Location" is also selected.
Changed "Play with Multiview" mode display file requester if "Ask Save Locaton"
and "Keep Viewed File" are both selected.
Help now opens on same screen as ClipDown resides.
Increased stack size when executing commands.
Added playlist support for .asx file type.
Added support to "Auto" mode for "" video site.
Added support to "Auto" mode for "" video site.
(NOTE: Above 2 items reqire getvideo v0.23 or greater.)

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