AresOne: Shop gone online

Date 28-Nov-2009 18:36:49
Topic: Announcement

The AresOne-Webstore can now be reached under - if someone considers to buy a AresOne or Aros/AmigaOS downloadable apps or Aros compatible- Hardware, in the future, please feel free to register.

Everyone who does a registration gets a lifetime discount of 3% for all orders in the shop.
This special offer ends on 12-31-2009 0:00.

The shop is just under construction and i need some days more for A-live`09 so please wait with ordering something. Everything should work until the planned release date (december the first)

To get the discount no order is required, just register.

We are still looking for Aros/Amiga developers and their software for our category "aros downloadable apps" where we want to offer AROS and or AmigaOS apps for a few bucks.

Feel free to contact us.


Pascal Papara

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