New Shop In Luxembourg : New Gen Informatique !

Date 29-Nov-2009 13:28:16
Topic: Announcement

Hi Everybody :)

Dateline: 10 November 2009: My brother, Martial, and myself, Laurent, are both proud and delighted to inform you of the opening of our OWN new shop in Luxembourg : New Gen Informatique and to remind you that we can provide Sam motherboards and accessories as well as a host of other computer components :)
For our opening, we have a complete Sam Flex 733MHz system on special promotion for the exceptional price of 799 euros (luxembourg taxes are included) : the Classic Sam Flex !

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This complete system includes :
- An Aopen desktop case (usable in either a vertical or horizontal position),
- The Sam Flex 733MHz motherboard with the latest UBoot version installed,
- One Radeon 9250 128MB PCI graphic card,
- One 512MB memory module overclocked at 147MHz,
- One big 500GB harddisk,
- One DVD Writer with dual layer support,
- The AmigaOS 4.1 software installed (the original CD is included),
- And for those who need it, we can also install the latest Linux version in dual boot !
Don't hesitate, get it right now via our website : New Gen Informatique !
Or contact us via email :

For your information, you can still download my AmigaOS 4.1 english installation guide on Sam and Pegasos 2 motherboards HERE

Thanks for all your support ;)
Laurent (aka Faranheit) along with my brother Martial and our team !

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