The Vague Amiga Diskmag Issue 2 IS OUT !

Date 5-Dec-2009 20:39:39
Topic: Announcement

Diskmag about demoscene and coding on/for Amiga and Amiga-like computers.

"The Vague" is the first multi platform Warp3D-based Amiga diskmag ever!

Currently we release only a Warp3D version (OS3, OS4, MOS and AROS) and in the next
few weeks we will be releasing an online-html, and AGA-RTG versions.

Articles which we provide with the second issue:

  • Perspective of AROS demomaking
  • Diskmags on the stage
  • Amiscene 2008. Bring out the Gimp !
  • Amiscene 2009. Keeping it FRESH !
  • Inside of the AOS4/MOS scene
  • Demo or die !
  • Scene story
  • Amiscene on DVD
  • A decade before
  • The cube in the graphics

  • Debugging on the Amiga
  • One more time about dithering
  • Coding with Warp3D. Part 2
  • Mixing MiniGL and Warp3D
  • Crunch Attack
  • Amiga Demosystems
  • 68k Linux Coding
  • Is VBCC a solution ?
  • Mixing assembler and c. Part 2
  • Perfect animation

+ 10 modules from different authors done expecually for the Vague 2 !
+ tons of new graphics !
+ polished engine with coloring, drag&scroll, pixel scrolling and alt.
+ full-screen and window mode
+ ascii art done by aBHO
+ and much more !

Have fun !

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