Origyn Web Browser 1.6 and Flash Plug-In (swfdec) out for MorphOS

Date 12-Dec-2009 6:54:00
Topic: Software News

Fabien Coeurjoly has just released version 1.6 of his port of OWB. He has also released the first public version of a compatible Flash plug-in (swfdec).
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Translators: Please update your translations, the developer will supply the locale archive separately.

Note: There's a known regression since r1106 (or so): maps.google.* is slightly broken (some options / buttons don't have any effect). It is a generic issue in WebKit when JIT is disabled, and it was reported to their bugtracker. Fabien will provide a new version when this is fixed.

Download Links:
-OWB v1.6 Full Version (http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/owb-morphos-1.6.lha)
- Lite Edition Without SVG Support (http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/owb-morphos-1.6-nosvg.lha)
- Flash Plug In (http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/plugins/swfdec_plugin-1.2.lha)

* Updated to OWB SVN r1158.
* Added a GUI for content blocking (windows->content blocking). Regular expressions are accepted, and entries can either be white or blacklisted.
* Added "Block images from <linked domain>" context menu item for pictures.
* Save and restore the list of downloaded/finished/failed files (optional).
* Sessions now also restore scroll offset in pages.
* Added support for external transfer animations:
+ PROGDIR:resource/transferanim.png and PROGDIR:resource/transferanim_tab.png will be used if they exist.
+ The expect format is a 32bits PNG with square frames (horizontal layout). The rate is set to 30ms per frame.
* Enabled user stylesheet. PROGDIR:resource/userStyleSheet.css will be used if it exists. This user stylesheet allows changing default form controls look, for instance (amongst many other things).
* Reworked history popup list to show favicons (optionally), title and url on 2 lines.
* Reworked network activity window to show a more precise state (connecting/waiting/current progress).
* Network activity leds now show different colours depending on connection state.
* Added favicons settings to configure the categories favicons should be displayed in (tabs/history/bookmarks/...).
* Added a few more tweaks in mimetype system to fallback to download action if no proper mimetype is sent (or configured).
* Added BACK and FORWARD REXX commands.
* Added GETURL to retrieve active browser URL (stored in RESULT).
* Added AS/K option to SAVEURL REXX command, to choose the target file path.
* Added more up-to-date user agents in spoof settings.
* Don't change active tab after closing an inactive tab.
* Bookmark groups can now also be added to quicklinks. In that case, a popup menu will display group entries.
* Allowed editing builtin mimetypes attributes, such as text/html and co (but think twice when modifying them, of course).
* Middle clicking an entry in history or bookmark now opens the link in a new tab.
* "Copy Image" context menu item now copies the actual image content to clipboard, instead of its URL.
* Many fixes in the new cookie system (thanks sszymczy).
* Fixed some left mouse button event issue that could cause trouble on googledocs or fckeditor toolbars (thx sszymczy).
* Fixed a focus issue with frames.
* Fixed a potential race in WebKit with plugins and stream disposal.
* Fixed ftp:// listings so that they are browsable.
* Fixed the "rewind" error message that could occur during file upload in some cases.
* Fixed Acid3 test 97.
* Fixed "Paste" to work in rich text editors (such as googledocs).
* Fixed a bug with "Cut" function.

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