ShowGirls 1.1 for MorphOS

Date 13-Dec-2009 16:45:40
Topic: Software News

ShowGirls is a picture viewer written by Michal 'kiero' Wozniak which provides some editing functions and some features of programs like "MiniShowPicture" or "ShowPPC".

With the latest version 1.1 you can now also catalogue your pictures.

download ShowGirls 1.1

Further changes:
Noise filter (color/luminance, strength depending on source pixel luminance, perlin noise)
Image searching functionality: searching by name, comment (file or album), date (file or exif), dimensions
Sorting for thumbnail lists
Display options for thumbnail lists (filename/date/dimmensions)
Optimized glow effect
Optimized resampling code, added altivec version
Batch converter can apply filters during image processing (only a few selected for now)
It can also process images from given album
Grayscale filter with adjustable color component weights, don't discard alpha contents
Changed RGB Balance filter to Color Balance filter which should work in similar way to its Photoshop equivalent
Optimized noise reduction filter
Optimized threshold filter
Optimized overlay image generation
Optimized rgb->hsv conversion (faster hsv balance filter)
Fixed slideshow start/stop after fullscreen/window change
Reimplemented full-dir thumbnail scanning mode, visible entries will be scanned first
Improved sorting of files with numeric names
Various speed/memory usage optimizations
State of album manager, color picker and information overlay is saved on application exit (use NOALBUMS tooltype/param to disable opening of album manager)
Reggae support

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