OWB v1.6.1 for MorphOS (now includes Web Inspector)

Date 17-Dec-2009 19:38:40
Topic: Software News

Fabien Coeurjoly has released version 1.6.1 of his port of the Origyn Web Browser for MorphOS which now includes a very powerful web profiling and debugging tool. The included changes are as follows:


1. Enabled WebInspector (Firebug-like). WebInspector allows browsing resources/scripts, profiling, debugging... It can be enabled with: "setenv OWB_ENABLE_INSPECTOR 1". When enabled, a new "inspect element" entry is added to webview contextmenus that opens the tool.

Here's what it looks like: http://fabportnawak.free.fr/inspector.png

2. Avoid conflicts between regular context menus and javascript contextmenus.

3. Updated russian, swedish and czech locales.

4. Added a lame workaround in javascript interpreter that caused regressions in google maps.

5. Fixed a possible crash with priority popups in MLdonkey HTML interface.

Donload Links :

OWB v1.6.1 Full Version


Lite Edition Without SVG Support

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