WAManager 1.0 & ShowGirls 1.2 Update fot MorphOS

Date 20-Dec-2009 21:53:12
Topic: Software News

Michal 'kiero' Wozniak offers before Christmas another version of ShowGirls and WAManager v1.0

WAManager is an application to help you manage Picasa Web Albums. The goal is to provide image upload, download, modification and synchronization functionality. Read more for details and screenshot

Version 1.2, besided WAManager integration, includes minor bugfix in time rendering for thumbnails, batch converter functionality extension (can process only selected images from given album).

This first release of WAManager has following functionality implemented:

- user authorization
- album list gathering
- album creation, name, comment and access rights modification
- uploading of images to albums
- checking for already uploaded images
- ShowGirls integration (check readme for details)

Images can be resized to given dimmensions and recompressed to JPEG format with selected quality. All image formats for which Datatype or Reggae class exist are supported.

Links :

WAManager 1.0 & ShowGirls 1.2

WAManager requires MorphOS 2.4

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