Updated Modula-2 Compiler - Native PPC Code for OS4

Date 21-Dec-2009 4:06:32
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Dec 16, 2009

Now, after a year of nights and weekends ( don't call this
a hobby compiler! )

Here is an update to the initial October 26, 2008 release of a
native PPC Modula-2 compiler for Amiga OS4. AgletM2PPC
v3.1 beta implements much of the ISO Modula-2 base standard.


The download can be found at OS4 Depot AgletM2PPC

Checkout the PDF Documentation file at my Aglet Web Site.

Any feedback welcome.

Tom Breeden

release Dec 16, 2009 changes from previous release October 26, 2008:

- v3.1 Beta1 (16.12.2009)
- The compiler itself is now PPC native, and is
significantly faster!
- The size limit on procedures is now probably large enough
for any sane program.
- A bug which caused extremely excessive stack use was fixed.
Now 40 or 50K should be enough for almost any compile.
- Some code generation errors were fixed.
- Fixed problem with Opaque pointers resolved within the
IMPLEMENTATION module by imported pointer types.
- Added compiler warning: OpenArrayCopyWarn.
- SDK 53.8+ now using the GNU assembler v2.18 vs. 2.14
in earlier SDKs. This required that some instructions be
output slightly differently.
- Certain "recording" versions of FP instructions are no
longer generated, since Sam 440ep/flex does not support

- Mod2Lnk recognizes a "-stack" switch and inserts the
"$STACK:xxxx" cookie into executables.
- The .asm files no longer need be kept around. All dependency
information is in the object file now. Asm files are written
to T:
- Added the "-g" debug switch, which causes both exported and
non-exported symbols to be put into the Elf symbol table so
that SymbolsRTS can find them as well.

- Option "Make Icons?" added for the project file save.
- Fixed problem of GR on exit if M2IDE changed its current
- Multiselect now supported for the "Misc Files" file

Amiga Modules
- Added Definition files for about 25 more Amiga Libraries,
and all supplied Amiga definition files (over 150 of them) were
brought up to the v53.13 SDK.
- The TextEditor gadget is now working much better, as the
Definition file now adjusts to a glitch in the SDK's .h

Aglet Modules
- System module SymbolsRTS was introduced for better debugging
of exception locations.
- CLI program arguments and Workbench ToolTypes are
transparently (almost) unified when the ArgsSupport module
is used to read startup arguments.
- Many improvements in the (experimental) SimpleXXX modules
(SimpleGUI, SimpleScreens, SimpleMenus, SimpleGraphics, etc).
- new modules: BigInt, for 155 bit integers; IconSupport, for
writing out icons.

I make no representations about the suitability of this software
for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.

This is copyrighted freeware being distributed "as-is". I hope it can be useful
for anyone interested in developing new generation Amiga software with a
Wirthian language.

Oct 2008 Announcement: http://amigaworld.net/modules/news/article.php?storyid=4404

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