AmiTwitter Ver. 0.23 Public Beta Release 1

Date 24-Dec-2009 8:19:51
Topic: Software News

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The first public beta release of AmiTwitter is available for immediate download here:

AmiTwitter SourceForge Download

AmiTwitter is a program that works on MorphOS and AmigaOS 3.x allowing you to send and receive various data on the Twitter network and make changes to your Twitter account.


Features Include:

* Sends Tweets and Direct Messages on the Twitter network
* Downloads Following Tweets Timeline (and images)
* Downloads @Replies; Retweets of me, by me and to me
* Downloads Public Timeline (Random Tweets just for fun...)
* Displays the most recent Tweets that you have sent
* Displays the most recent Tweet by all friends and followers
* Follow/Unfollow, Block/Unblock specified Users
* Receive/Stop receiving SMS messages from Users
* Update your Twitter website profile; view Favorites, and view Users currently Blocking
* Display most recent Tweet for any User (whether following them or not)
* MorphOS, OS 3.x compatible

More information and installation notes are available here:

Getting Started With AmiTwitter (Read Me First!)

Latest Screengrab here:


This is beta software with no warranty. Use at your own risk. It still needs many enhancements but I wanted to release something for you all to play around with during the Holidays...Enjoy!

Thanks for your interest and support,

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