WinUAE 2.0.1 released (23rd Dec '09)

Date 24-Dec-2009 18:14:28
Topic: Software News

Major 2.0 bugs fixed:

- Random interference in some AGA screen modes.
- Blitter onedot line drawing mode was partially broken in non cycle exact modes.

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Other changes:

- Screenshot and AVI recording "capture before filtering" options.
- Tar archive support added to "archive" harddrives.
- Custom chipset emulation compatibility updates. NOTE: ECS Denise undocumented feature is now emulated and some demos have blank screen if chipset configuration is set to ECS Denise/Full ECS.
- More compatible directory filesystem character set translation.
- Mouse driver (tablet) mode didn't work without magic mouse.
- Ignore unrar.dll versions that do not support unicode.

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