[podcast] Amiga Vibes - The Three Wise-man

Date 31-Dec-2009 11:11:51
Topic: Internet News

Hello to all!

To wish you a happy New Year, Amiga Vibes has just put on-line a new podcast.

We hope that it will please you.

The tracklist :

Sanity - Interference
Skarla - Atome
The Black Lotus - Tint
Scoopex - Alien
Batman Group - Batman Vuelve
Virtual Dreams & Fairlight - Full Moon
Fairlight - 242
The Black Lotus - Suicide Barbie (PSP)
The Black Lotus - 4 Edges (PS2)
Jumalauta - We are going to Kilju (Dreamcast)
Hitmen - Kinderkram (Game Cube)
Mega hawks INC - Ultrafox64 (Nintendo 64)

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