Amiga Arena Interviews Bill Panagouleas (DiscreetFX)

Date 26-May-2003 20:49:15
Topic: Announcement

Some days ago "Bill Panagouleas" announced an effort to collect funds as a prize for developer(s) to port Mozilla to AmigaOS. He himself laid 2000$ into this 'money pot'.

Amiga Arena interviewed "Bill Panagouleas" and asked how he came up with the idea, why he spends so much money and how much of a chance he sees Mozilla/Netscape being ported to AmigaOS.

I spoke to "Bill Panagouleas" how he came to the idea,to spend so much money and how big the chance is, to see Mozilla/Netscape on AmigaOS.

1997 "Bill Panagouleas" founded his company "DiscreetFX" and developed popular Video/Effect Software like "Pyromania Classics".
Read in the Interview, the current status of his Software and what the status of his new Software is.


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