SabreMSN 0.62

Date 3-Jan-2010 9:19:11
Topic: Software News

2010-01-03: Alpha 62
- Multiple files can be transferred at once now
- Sets status to idle if you're away for 10 minutes but ONLY if you're set to Online
- MSN changed their servers recently. It's now necessary for 3rd party clients to change the users display name manually once connected, or else the display name equals your email address. This fix is now in place.
- Clicking on a contacts name in your list and then waiting for the help bubble to appear will display semi accurate information about whether you're still on the other persons contacts list. MUI 3.x has a bug where you need to move the mouse pointer out of the window, and back into the window for the help bubble to change when you click on a different contact though. Zune doesnt have this issue.

File transfers still freeze AROS, I have no idea why. Will investigate when I have more time..

I think avatars/display pictures are next to do on my list.

Once AmigaOS 4.1 Update #1 is ready, everyone will be able to enjoy the notificiation/popups system. I.e. double clicking on popups to open or go to tabs.

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