Hollywood 4.5 out now

Date 3-Jan-2010 15:14:34
Topic: Software News

Airsoft Softwair are very proud to annouce the immediate availability of Hollywood 4.5 (Codename: Snowflake). This is a huge update which brings along many new features and general improvements over Hollywood 4.0. In this update we paid special attention to all the wishes that reached us from the ever growing Hollywood community. We carefully listened to all these requests and tried to realize as many wishes as possible. Hollywood 4.5 is undoubtedly the most advanced Amiga multimedia application. It is highly stable, extremely easy to use and flexible, and enjoyed by many happy Amiga users around the globe. Furthermore, professional commercial companies like Ferrule Media are highly successful thanks to Hollywood's multimedia power. The best pro Hollywood argument is of course that it is available in native versions for 8 (eight) different platforms: AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, WarpOS, MorphOS, AROS (x86), Windows (x86), Mac OS X (PPC), Mac OS X (x86).

Among the countless new features in Hollywood 4.5 is the ability to open multiple windows with Hollywood (scripts are no longer limited to a single window!), fonts can be embedded into executables (it's no longer necessary to install them first), windows can use alpha channel transparency, hardware accelerated transition effects (only on AmigaOS 4.1 and MorphOS 2), full clipboard support, load and save GIF animations, save AVI videos, drag'n'drop support, and much much more.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of new features in Hollywood 4.5:

* Support for unlimited displays
* Fonts can be linked into executables
* Displays can use alpha-channel transparency
* Hardware accelerated transition effects
* Display manager completely rewritten - much more flexible now!
* Resource monitor to track script's memory usage
* Extremely easy access to the clipboard (text, images)
* GIF anim support: Load and save GIF anims now!
* Access to AVI video stream renderer from Hollywood
* Seamless FX seeking: all fx can now be transformed on-the-fly
* Layers system greatly extended
* Support for animations with alpha channel
* Drag'n'drop support
* New offscreen drawing modes for anims and images
* User-definable drag and size regions
* Full-screen/windowed switching now possible from script API
* New OS exclusive functions (access icon tooltypes on AmigaOS, or the registry on windows)
* Support for matrix transformations on layers and brushes
* 64-bit and CMYK images now fully supported (incl. 16-bit alpha channel)
* Support for layer clip regions
* Possibility to open URLs from Hollywood
* Support for saving 24bit IFF ILBM images
* Successfully tested on Snow Leopard and Windows 7!
* More than 250kb of new documentation
* 10 new example scripts (over 70 in total)
* Standard library set encompasses over 470 functions now!
* Lots of other changes, optimizations and bug fixes
* Ready for X!

Hollywood is the ultimate bridge between all the different AmigaOS compatible platforms and the other two modern desktop systems, Windows and Mac OS! With Hollywood, you can save programs for all those platforms. You do not have to have AmigaOS4 or AROS, you can save programs for these platforms also from your AmigaOS3 installation! You do not need to have Mac OS X, you can still compile your programs for it using your AmigaOS or MorphOS installation. Only Hollywood makes it possible.

All this makes Hollywood The Cross-Platform Multimedia Application Layer. Join the Multimedia revolution and get your personal copy of Hollywood 4.5 now!

Please visit the Airsoft Softwair homepage for much more information on Hollywood and screenshots.

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