RunInUAE r2 released - easily run old Amiga games on OS4

Date 3-Jan-2010 15:57:46
Topic: Software News

RunInUAE is designed to make it incredibly easy to run old Amiga games on Amiga OS4, and it comes with an easy installer, so that you can:
* Run almost any ADF or HD installed game or program in E-UAE, by simply dragging & dropping it onto RunInUAE's icon in AmiDock or RunInUAE's program window!
* Run WHDLoad & JOTD JST installed games directly, by just double-clicking on them!
* Run ADF games by double-clicking them. (Needs a little bit of manual set-up.)
* The installer can set-up E-UAE with full-speed Sam-optimised settings. But it can also use your existing E-UAE settings if you want.
* The installer will copy the necessary Kickstart ROMs off an Amiga Forever CD, if you don't already have them installed.
* You do not need to set-up any assignments, nor create or edit any cryptic scripts or config files, for it to work! (Unlike alternative 'solutions'.)

Released r2 of RunInUAE is much improved:
* Hopefully fixed HD installed games not starting for some people. (Please reinstall Workbench 3.1)
* Added automatic loading of multi-disk games.
* Per-drawer & per-game config files now work with ADFs! (bug fix)
* Now opens an App Window for you to drop games on. Easier than dropping them on it's AmiDock icon!
* A new icon, thanks to David Braconnier.
* Improved installer & manual, thanks to user feedback.

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