Cross compiler toolchain for Linux and Amiga OS4.1

Date 3-Jan-2010 21:07:28
Topic: hardware OS4

We are proud to announce our first little project for all Amiga developers.
Our goal was to develop some tools to get you started with "cross development for Amiga OS4.1".
As we have been working quite some while on it, we noticed the lack of a clean method to produce a cross compiler for the Amiga. For this reason, we created a special script which will build a complete cross compiler toolchain for you.


As an extra, we added our second project "distcode" as freeware.
Distcode will automatically distribute binaries you have written from your Linux box to your Amiga RAM: disk!

Downloads can be obtained at (distcode.lha). Both projects are inside this archive, both documented with readme's.

We wish all developers a happy new year 2010, and good luck with our tools!

check out our sites for regular updates on what we are doing: (general announcements, which also will be made here) (a little supprise for Amiga developers in 2010!)

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