The hunt for X almost solved

Date 5-Jan-2010 23:14:18
Topic: hardware OS4

The puzzle for X is still not completely solved, some details are missing, but today a big piece of the puzzle was revealed.

It is about a new PPC-hardware from A-EON, named AmigaOne X1000.

Some specs revealed at :

AmigaOne X1000 Specs

* ATX Formfactor
* Dual-core PowerISA™ v2.04+ CPU
* "Xena" XMOS XS1-L1 128 SDS
* 7.1 channel HD audio
* 4x DDR2 RAM slots
* 10x USB 2.0
* 1x Gigabit Ethernet
* 2x PCIe x16 slots (1x16 or 2x8)
* 2x PCIe x1 slots
* 1x Xorro slot
* 2x PCI legacy slots
* 2x RS232
* 4x SATA 2 connectors
* 1x IDE connector
* JTAG connector
* 1x Compact Flash

( All specs are subject to change)

As well as a custom chip named "Xena" with a "Xorro" slot providing access.

CPU still unknown.

Some additional info can be gathered from the threads in forum as well.

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