Announcing the Amiga Neat C++ Framework

Date 6-Jan-2010 2:14:55
Topic: Software News

Today the Amiga X1000 was announced, which we all probably are celebrating right now. (We do definitely!). Nevertheless, we also celebrate the birthday of our newest project, called "NEAT".

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Neat is an Amiga C++ library inspired on formerly Trolltech's (now Nokia) QT Framework. After one year of planning, discussing things and starting to code, we would like present to you the first "sneak preview" of this framework.

Some basic classes are finished and ready to be used and tested, and we would like to invite you to our dedicated site, which contains informations of the framework, and the uo-to-date documentation.

Please do not hesitate to send us comments, feedbacks, idea's, because this is a framework made for YOU as Amiga developer.

Please join us in celebrating these two birthdays!


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