Update 1 of Amiga OS 4.1 available

Date 14-Jan-2010 16:17:05
Topic: hardware OS4

Update 1 for Amiga OS4.1 available for immediate download
on Hyperion Entertainments site


18:00 CET there is currently website trouble, the problem is being worked on, so have a bit of patience (according to Rogue.)

hm it says 13 jan 2010
did i miss something

Fryguy provided details of what is in the update:


Offers more stability on SAM, a more reliable and efficient memory management system and improved memory paging to and from harddisk.

A new mechanism for launching preset programs for specific taks, such as email clients and web-browsers (URLopen).
Application tracking for ease of program location (AppDir: handler).
Improved shared object support with significantly decreased loading times.

Improved window support, fading and rendering - including drop shadows.
Reduced video memory consumption due to improved screen handling.
New internal methods for better system "theme" support.

Updated ASL requesters and imagery for a fresh new look.
New notification system.
Enhanced automatic detection of installed hardware (including DDC support).
Improved support for external USB devices.
Updated sound.datatype and wav.datatype.
New screenblankers.
Improved calculator with extended mode.

The new Startup preferences means no more copying files to WBStartup.
A brand new icon set to complement higher screen resolutions.
New window themes offering enhanced visual feedback.
Scalable icons.
Workbench auto update feature.

Tested with the regression suite.
Enhanced distutils module for easy installation of Python packages.
New Amiga modules including catalog and icon.
New OS module methods.
MiniGL V2.2"

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