Amiga Arena takes a look at "PairsNG"

Date 27-May-2003 19:21:37
Topic: Software News

Amiga Arena has interviewed (German) Christop Kimna. He is developing a next generation version of the game Pairs, a Memory/Shanghai type of game originally developed by Tobias Lenz. PairsNG will be released as shareware and will require a graphic card. Screenshots can be downloaded from the Amiga Arena website.


Some of you may remember the game "Pairs" from Tobias Lenz, released 1996? (see Aminet).

Now after 7 years Christop Kimna,developed the brand new "PairsNG".

This time I have only the review of this game and an interview with Christop Kimna in German online. But dont be worry - enjoy the exclusive Screenshots in the "Interview" rubric and you will see what I mean, when I say that this could be one of the best
Amiga WB games for 2003!

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