WordNet 3.1 released

Date 21-Jan-2010 11:53:07
Topic: Software News

A new version of the electronic dictionary WordNet has been released on OS4depot. This is a recommended update for all AmigaOS4.1 Update 1 users.

Changes in version 3.1:

- Settings are now handled through application.library (instead of tooltypes).
- The WordNet homepage can be visited from the program's About requester (OS4.1 Update 1 required).
- Added a Help button in the toolbar.
- Program documentation is now also displayed on pressing the Help key (note that when using a PC keyboard, Help is mapped to the Scroll Lock key).
- Toolbar images were converted to non-interlaced PNG so as to workaround a bug in png.datatype V53.4.
- Fixed a couple of small memory leaks.
- Internal code cleanup.

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