Update of the Amiga Games List

Date 26-Jan-2010 10:34:08
Topic: Internet News

The "Amiga Games List" (http://obligement.free.fr/articles/listejeuxamiga.php), maintained by David Brunet since april 1991 has been updated in its 39th edition. The total now reach 11192 entries distributed as follows :

- 10143 games.
- 887 data disks or extensions.
- 127 games or levels editors.
- 35 interpreters.

This 39th edition has declined since the vast majority of interpreted games (platform independent games playable via an interpreter) were removed in order to keep only pure "Amiga" games.

In addition, the games created in 2009 have been added. The list recognize now also the "Creative Commons" license and the "AmiBlitz" programming language.

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