Date 28-Jan-2010 17:34:46
Topic: Internet News recreated from the scratch. We changed the CMS to Drupal and we now made a totally new website. We moved to a faster web server. We even have a logo

For those who don't know anything about, it is a website for the AmigaOS, MorphOS and Aros artworks that a lot of people create. The main idea is to gather all this content into one web site, so that it could be really easy for someone to find something that he needs. Inside you will find screenshots, icons, themes and many other things that you would like to use and make your workbench look better.

Also, everyone can make his own account and upload his own artworks. And we can support him with our voting system, and say how much we like it with comments.

So come on you guys, upload your icons, wallpapers, themes and lets make a websites that has them all gathered.

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