HDAudio driver for Aros released for free

Date 31-Jan-2010 20:51:16
Topic: Hardware News

The HDAudio drivers were written firstly to support the iMica motherboards being based on Intel Atom support chips, but we have expanded this to support some netbooks also. Basically if your AROS motherboard has HDAudio, try the drivers.

As the first release of the HDAudio AHI drivers for AROS are finished I have decided to give these drivers away to support the AROS and Amiga community and only ask that if they work and you are happy with them that you click the donate button. Your donation will enable us to continue this support of AROS and the Amiga community in this way.

We have other projects in the pipe line which you will hear about, but I cannot fund them for much longer without these donations.

I would like to thank Davy Wentzler (audio evolution) for his professional and hard work in completing this project on time.

Click for HDAudio Drivers

Davy's site

All the best

Steve Jones
ClusterUK ltd, (iMica System)

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