AROS: AresOne and A-live X now available

Date 2-Feb-2010 16:19:39
Topic: Announcement

The AresOne is now available at

It includes A-live X which consists of:
A keyfile for FryingPan (works for all versions)
Cinnamon Writer 0.69 for Aros
IcAros Desktop Live DVD
A-live will be updated and those updates are free for all customers which bought any version of it.


We are in talk to get Kickstart-roms and Workbech-files bundled with every AresOne.
All early adopters will get this (paid out of my pocket) for free when it is part of the base-system.

The idea behind the AresOne and A-live is:
Creation a powerfull and expandable Amiga-like system
Unpack it, power it on and have fun! No hassle with getting compatible Hardware and setup
Supporting AROS-developement with at least 25% of my profit
Getting more apps ported or created exclusively for AROS

Hope you enjoy it.


More will come soon.

More infos under: (i'm looking for software for AmigaOS,morphos, and Aros)

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